Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant, Eastwood NSW

My mum and her friends used to like visiting this restaurant for dinner, however many other competing restaurants offering the same cuisine has popped up and since then we rarely come back here. We decided one night to come try again as a family since it’s been a while and sadly we realise why we haven’t been returning back.

We started off with a hot and sour soup in a large size. Unfortunately I’m not too sure how much the large size is, as they offer individual portions on their menu. My mum likes her food piping hot so when these came out lukewarm, normally I just think my mum is fussy when the food wasn’t hot but on this occasion I agreed that I’d like my soup hot! We didn’t bother saying anything to the waiters anyway as they seemed a bit too busy to notice us. We left this unfinished as no one is interested in cold soup as second servings right? It’s normal for restaurants to make a big pot of soup however I don’t think it’s too hard to reheat it now and then right?

photo 1Hot and sour soup

Next that arrive was our cold cut shredded chicken with jelly fish. I personally LOVE LOVE this dish normally, jelly fish is one of my favourites since I was a kid. However this just didn’t taste right or as nice as I had hoped. My dad is a chef and makes this quite often before when he was in the same industry cooking the same cuisine and he told us it was because they used a cheaper type of jelly fish. Hence the texture wasn’t the smooth springy jelly fish I was hoping for. Chicken was just strips of chicken breast. While the salad is meant to be a light one, this was rather bland.

One of the mains we shared was the hand made noodles with shredded pork and preserved vegetables. I personally LOVE thick hand made noodles, I love the chewy texture and thought this dish came out good compared to the first two entrées  It wouldn’t be a dish I’d come back for though as I could get the same quality elsewhere. Next we had pan fried dumplings and steamed pork buns. Nothing wow, but not disappointing either.

My favourite dish of the night was the sesame rolls with minced pork. I love anything crush and crispy so these were a winner. Not to mention I used to love these as a child when my dad made them. As my dad was always making Shanghainese/Peking kind of food everyday as a job we rarely ate this cuisine as you can imagine you’d get sick of it. Since he now works in a different cuisine, we get to eat this type of food again! He mentioned that the rolls/pastry wasn’t made perfectly. They’re supposed to be little pockets where you stuff the mince in however according to him weren’t perfectly made as we had to use a fork to break open the pocked. According to him they should already be ‘puffed out’ naturally when cooked. But honestly I wasn’t fussed, just wanted to eat as much as possible.

Service is poor, they literally drop your plates on the table. Hard to get any type of service and you can tell they want you out as soon as possible to try serve their next customer. Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant used to be THE restaurant to go to. Sadly with more competition they haven’t stepped up their game. Quality has gone downhill maybe their good chefs have been pinched by competitors? With many other restaurants around, its no surprise why we wouldn’t be going back. We would rather head out to Ashfield for the same type of food.

photoShredded chicken with jelly fish, $13.80

photo 2 (3)Steamed minced pork dumplings, $8.80

photo 1 (3)Pan fried minced pork dumplings, $8.80

photoSesame rolls with minced pork and pickles, $13.80

 photo 2Fried home made noodles with shredded pork and cabbage, $9.80

Menu (taken from their site)

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Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant
167 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122

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