Po Po, Hurstville NSW

Me and S visit Po Po almost every second weekend for lunch. Whenever we feel like eating out for lunch and neither of us have no preference/craving then we come here. His uncle used to work here as a chef and one day he suggested we visit and try this place, thank god we did! It’s definitely not place that I would’ve checked out if we didn’t as it just looks like a small takeaway shop that sells frozen goods.

It’s cheap, tasty and always a winner. Most of the time we get the Sichuan dry noodles and a serving of pan fried dumplings or xiao long baos. We’ve also had their pan fried mini pork buns which are pretty good however we prefer pan fried dumplings its less doughy, not because they don’t make good ones; just our preference :)

There’s minimal seating, sometimes it’s even shared with another family but we don’t mind. There is no service, so we literally walk in and one of us would go straight to hog a table while the other orders.

Ordering is done at the counter, which they’ll also have displayed of other specials including steamed buns of many varieties (my favourite is pork, cabbage and mushroom), yu tiao and many others. Pork buns are really good for $1.50, they’re huge for what they are. I love them over the other bun places in the area as they’re less doughy with more filling. I hate it when the buns are thick so you get full from dough with only a minimal amount of filling. Our must order is the sichua noodles, despite the name its not chilli at all. It shanghainese noodles topped with a minced meat in their sauce. Its a dry noodle so you’ll need to mix the meat with the noodles. The toppings are generous, we always try to rationalise the noodles with the meat however there’s always plenty of topping left over.

The servers barely speak English, but they will understand you. Once ordered and paid they’ll scribble you a receipt to be placed on the table. Cutlery and bowls are to the right of the counter which you help yourself to. Cutlery is plastic forks, bowls and disposable chopsticks so nothing fancy.

They will bring you your food, usually they will call out the name of the dish in mandarin, we usually have no idea but they will come by to check your receipt if its for you. The restaurant is basic, but the food is good value for its money. I’d prefer this place over Taste of Shanghai and the other chains any day, Po Po is a lot cheaper too.

They also have a freezer with their goods made for you to buy takeaway. Har gaos, siu mais, all sorts of buns you can name. I believe they originally only sold frozen goods but then branched into having items cooked to eat in.

It’s one of those places that we go so regularly that I don’t take much pictures of.

20130116-182622.jpgPan fried pork dumplings, $8.80

20130116-182603.jpgSteamed mini pork buns / xiao long bao – $6.80

imageCounter with hot buns to be bought to takeaway

imageFreezer with various dim sims and buns


Great for a cheap and quick feed, I recommend it if your not fussed with plastic cutlery and lack of service :)

Counter menu, with S’s head in the way

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