Miss Saigon, Hurstville NSW

S LOVES coming to Miss Saigon. Unfortunately I’m quite the opposite, or maybe because there’s many more quality Vietnamese restaurants in my area than his, hence he sees Miss Saigon as the ultimate best place for Vietnamese. Can you tell he rarely ventures out west to Cabramatta and Bankstown for Vietnamese? Those are still my favourite areas for Vietnamese food though.

As we are quite limited down south, I guess Miss Saigon would be considered the next best. There are lot worse Vietnamese food here (ahem Meridian – even though it’s cheap).

I find Miss Saigon dingy and dark, just gives me a ‘dirty’ kind of feeling, hence sometimes I feel uncomfortable eating here (or maybe that’s my princess side coming out). Their portions are big though so we can easily share a Pho with a side of spring rolls or something. I’ve always wanted to try their Banh Cuon but can’t justify the price they charge when I know how much cheaper I can get it else where. Today I just ate Pho, S wasn’t hungry and was planning to get a pork roll from across the road hence he only had a bit off me.

The broth is simple and what you would expect from a normal Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t help but wonder how much MSG they’ve put in. There is a generous portion of noodles, beef slices and beef balls though.

imageRare beef noodle soup with beef balls, $8.90

Originally I was only going to get the rare beef noodle soup without the beef balls but since I knew S would be stealing some even though he insisted he wouldn’t I thought I’d get the beef balls as well. When I looked at the menu, it was only for 40 cents extra. When the dish came there was a very generous amount of beef balls! What a score, for 40cents so definitely add that if you weren’t planning to get it.

Would I come back? Most likely will, not out of choice though, but because S and his friends love it so we end up coming here. If it was my choice I’d make the extra drive to Bankstown since it’s more close than Cabra. They definitely do have a very WIDE range of dishes here, I took some photos of the menu (below) and I just couldn’t help wonder WHY there are so many options. I haven’t tried all of it, as I like to stick to the ‘safe’ options in case it comes out disappointing. I just believe in quality > quantity.

Menu, not in full (I gave up half way and just wanted to order and eat)

image image image image  image image image image image image

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