The Good Kitchen – Hurstville NSW

When me and S are lazy to cook breakfast (our weekly usuals are bacon and egg sandwich for him, and poached eggs with avocado on toast for me) we head to Hurstville for some cheap honkie styled breakfast.

We always ponder on Forest Street and wonder which Hk style cafe we should visit however we always end up going to The Good Kitchen as we always have in mind what we want to get :)

They do a breakfast special in the morning for cheap but only before 11.30am. We always get the a set which includes a chicken and mushroom congee, soy sauce stir fried noodles and some fried dough (B on the menu). You can mix and match items; so instead of stir fried noodles you can get it replaced a steam rice noodle roll which we sometimes do. Sometimes we just order the set and add on top a prawn noodle however this morning I felt  extra hungry and felt like something else so I ordered an additional breakfast set. I chose a macaroni, eggs with sausage, buttered toast and a milk tea (+ $0.50 for a cold version). (A2 on the menu)

photo 4Set B –  Chicken and chinese mushroom congee, $7

photo 1Set B: Stir fried egg noodles + fried dough (hidden behind the noodles)

photo 2Set A2: Macaroni with some chicken pieces, $7.50

photo 5Set A2: Buttered white toast, sausage and double fried eggs

photo 3Set A2: Iced  HK style milk tea

S though it was weird that they serve sausages and eggs with macaroni. I told him that it was a normal ‘breakfast’ item in HK and he just didn’t understand why macaroni is asian haha but he did enjoy it :) The macaroni came with some chicken pieces, I would’ve preferred some frozen corn and peas as that’s how I’ve always had it. Eggs was sunny side up, though you can request it to be fried double sided if wanted and the iced milk tea came with the sugar on the side which is a bonus as you can control how sweet you want it.

Overall at $15 total, I think its a bargain. When I’m not too hungry we just share a set and add an extra item. HK cafes don’t provide great service, so don’t expect any. They are efficient and value for money so you’re in and out in no time. They also do afternoon lunch specials for about the same price but with different lunch items such as baked pork chop on rice or pasta etc this is between 230 and 5.30pm however we have yet to visit as there are so many options for lunch in Hustville.

Definitely a great fix for HK style food and for a score.


Morning and afternoon tea special menu

image image

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One thought on “The Good Kitchen – Hurstville NSW

  1. This place is a cheap fave of ours. Not many places do a HK-style brekky and the one here is decent, and they have freshly made rice noodle rolls with some interesting combinations.

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