Ajisen Ramen, Hurstville NSW

Another old post, visiting Ajisen Ramen a while ago but never ended up getting the chance to blog about it.

We visited Ajisen Ramen on a rainy weekend, it was a late afternoon lunch I think we got there about 2pm and there wasn’t much people. Only a few other tables. Ramen is always a winner during dull weather.

I ordered the Corn ramen and S had the Ajisen ramen. I’d say both were good but they weren’t WOW. Just so-so. The soup base tasted a bit oily, not your usual ramen stock which is a heavy bone stock. I know ramen isn’t exactly healthy for you but I never regret eating it afterwards. With Ajisen’s ramen I just felt it wasn’t worth the calorie intake, which to be honest is the worst feeling :( The ramen just didn’t taste authentic. Servings I felt were on a smaller side, probably won’t be a difference for a ‘normal’ person but I’ve got quite a big appetite so I definitely noticed a slight difference. Prices were also reasonable, (menu below) but I definitely prefer to pay an extra few dollars for quality stock.  Nevertheless it was still good to try as I have always wanted to ever since it opened.

My corn ramen had lots of corn, which I love. I think it was the soup that was disappointing.

20130305-091952.jpgCorn ramen, $9.95

20130305-091941.jpgAjisen ramen, $8.95

Probably won’t be going back to be honest, and actually we haven’t as we realised one day while walking around we found Manmaruya on the other side of the station which we’ve gone back to 4+ times since we last visited Ajisen Ramen.


Snippits of the menu

 image image image

Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon

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