Chophouse, Sydney NSW

It’s been so long since I last blogged! Unfortunately work, the gym and the worst of all.. CA has got to me. Of course I’ve still been eating out.. just haven’t been blogging.

Anyways in Feb S and I visited Chophouse to celebrate our 2 years. I chose, of course as he does not care what he eats. I’ve always wanted to try Chophouse due to the rave reviews and I must say it did not disappoint me! Service was just great, great and great!!! Unfortunately it’s been a while since I went so I forgot who served us but he gave us the best service, and did not make us feel uncomfortable at all! He answered all our questions, gave us great recommendations and described the different types of steak on the menu. We both thought he was very friendly, and left him a good tip. Don’t get me wrong, we almost tip everytime we get good service but but this was the first time we gave a BIG tip. But it was just worth it!

We started off with complimentary bed, served with butter. Though the bread wasn’t warm it was a good start/filler. We were also offered seconds without asked; of course we said yes ;)

Entrees we shared zucchini flowers, stuffed with ricotta. Who can say no to cheese?? I loveee zucchini flowers so its always a must order for me and these didn’t disappoint. The batter looked more thick than what I was expecting but it was still so good!

One of the specials of the night was a pork belly and scallop salad. I knew I wanted it straight away once he was explaining it. Took some persuasion with S as he always insist I ‘overorder’. Gets very frustrating at times.

20130208-081427.jpgComplimentary bread


Tempura of zucchini flowers; four cheeses, ricotta cream, tomato salsa – $18.90


Special of the night; Asian inspired salad with scallops and pork belly

With the steaks we got another ‘speciall’ and the W1 Wagyu Striploin MB4

Wow what a difference you can tell with the two steaks. Even though he explained the wagyu was quite good, I thought it was AMAZINGGGG.. I can still imagine how tender the meat was.

As we told him we were sharing he had the steaks sliced up already and that was perfect at was so easy to eat. The meats were so good, it didnt need any sauce even though it came with harrisa and jus.

I would go back just for it!!!!!!


Special of the night; grain fed steak


F1 Wagyu Striploin MB4+, harissa, jus; 300g – $55.9

S tried to talk me out of dessert, while I have to admit I was very full. I couldn’t help it!!! We shared the semifreddo. SO SOSO GOOD.

photo 2

Baklava Semifreddo, pistachios, filo and cinnamon – $9.5

I have nothing but praises for Chophouse, one of my favourite restaurants now! Highly recommended!
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