Bar Biscotti, North Strathfield NSW

I love having brunch on the weekend and especially trying at different places. Unfortunately I find there isn’t much brunch places in the Hurstville area, which is where I usually stay on the weekend compared to back at home home (Strathfield area). I did however stay at home one Friday so the boy had to pick me up Saturday morning. So of course I suggested we get breakfast somewhere and decided on Bar Biscotti as it is close. I’ve been here before using the Entertainment book voucher, which proves to be of lots of value as you can get one main free with another main. I didn’t get the book this year as S claims that I purposely dine at certain restaurants due to the book which I admit though I have regretted it since and have vowed to get it this June :)

Parking is easy as you can park in the Baking quarter carpark for free (think it was up to 2 or 3 hours). Bar Biscotti is right across from the carpark.

The cafe wasn’t too busy when we walked in and service was good as they brought over menus and table water right away.

S said he was fine with water but of course I made him pick a drink (my shout as I was feeling generous), and he said he wasn’t fussed so I picked the mixed berry smooth with honey (only because I wanted to drink it too). I got my usual soy latte.

IMG_6095Soy latte

IMG_6098Mixed berry smoothie, with honey

IMG_6111Big breakfast (eggs, chorizo, bacon, mushrooms, hasbrown and sourdough)

IMG_6122Breakfast board (Sourdough, poached eggs, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, feta and olives)

To be honest, it wasn’t as good as it looks. The smoothie wasn’t cold enough, it was only room temperature. My latte on the other hand was good though.

S said that his breakfast was just standard and he’s not a picky eater so if he didn’t think it was good then I guess it wasn’t good. He said he was looking forward to the chorizo but it was tasteless. I guess you can never really have a ‘wow’ from big breakfast though.

Mine on the other hand was average, or maybe even below average. I hated how the toast was smudged with a lot of butter, not only that but it didn’t melt so when I was having the toast all I could taste was the thick oily butter. I love it when butter melts on hot toast. The poached eggs weren’t good either, I can say I make better poached eggs than what I had. The rest was just normal, chopped tomatoes, olives etc.

Would I go again? Maybe as a last resort. For breakfast that totals to almost $50, I’d rather go elsewhere where I know I would have a good meal. I’ve been across the road to Cafe Zenja and I prefer them over Bar Biscotti. I’ve visited Bar Biscotti a couple of times and unfortunately it has always just been standard, such a pity :(

Bar Biscotti
24 George Street,

North Strathfield NSW 2137
Ph: 0749 7333

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