Kampong Boy, Hurstville NSW

Me and the boy always walk pass Kampong Boy as it is on our walk home from the station, we’d always peak in on the weekend to see if it is busy for lunch but we usually end up going somewhere else. Not to mention that prices are pretty steep for Malaysian so we’d always end up eating at the other asian eateries in the area.

One weekend, S decided he felt like laksa and to try it at Kampong Boy. We walked in at lunch time and there were only a few other tables. He had already decided on chicken laksa prior, I decided to get the Prawn Mee.

Despite the expensive prices, I think laksa was about $12-14 but the flavour was really good. You can tell straight away it was different from your typical food court laksa. Ingredients was generous with lots of fried tofu, fish cake and chicken, definitely more than what you get from your local food court! Despite the price, after we had this we thought it was well worth it!

My prawn mee was just as good. Again generous ingredients, lots of sliced meats etc and the prawns were pre-peeled with the heads still attached. Always a bonus when you don’t need to peel your own prawns! THe soup was rich and full of flavour, not as rich compared to Singapore Shiok (Eating World, Chinatown) but it was still rich. In fact I think Singapore Shiok’s flavour might be a bit too much, this was a right balance for me.

Prices are on the steeper end for Malaysian food but I think the ingredients and quality makes up for it, so I think it was worth it and would go back again since we live so close. Make sure you bring cash, as it is a cash only venue.

20130116-183048.jpgChicken laksa

20130116-183111.jpgPrawn mee

20130116-183224.jpgExterior of Kampong Boy

Kampong Boy
370 Forest Rd, 
Hurstville NSW 2220
Ph: 02 8094 8409

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