La Promenade, Dolls Point NSW

On the last week of work it was my boss’s birthday and his dad came to our office to deliver a vase of flours and also brought along some pastries. Of course I had some and it was DELICIOUS!

I found out they were from La Promenade and was located down south so I dragged the boyfriend to take me that weekend in the afternoon.

Sadly we arrived there just half an hour before close so there wasn’t much left. Not to mention they only accept cash so the boy had to drive to the nearest Coles to get cash out.

By the time he came back it was 10 minutes till close and we were trying to gobble everything down. The lady behind the counter didn’t look too friendly either and was trying to get us out though the pastries are definitely good.

The boy was hungry so he ordered and steak and mushroom pie. Sadly I thought it was a bit dry but I think it must have been because it was just sitting in the heated oven the whole day.

I on the other hand got the almond croissant and iced coffee. I had the almond pastry at work but I was just dying for it again and it didn’t let me down!

20130116-182241.jpgSteak and mushroom pie

20130116-182259.jpgAlmond croissant

20130116-182314.jpgIced coffee

20130116-182336.jpgOther goodies..



Unfortunately my memory fails me and I don’t remember the prices. Seating is also limited as there are about 4 tables indoors and a couple outdoor seating, get in early as I heard it’s usually quite busy during the weekend. Another tip would be to get there earlier and try the delicious goods when it’s fresh! Speaking of which I might go again this weekend.

La Promenade Patisserie
300 The Grand Parade
Sans Souci NSW 2219
Ph: (02) 9529 8515

Mon to Tues: Closed
Wed to Sats: 8am – 5.30pm
Sunday: 8am – 4.30pm

La Promenade Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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