Mannaruya Restaurant, Campsie NSW

This was a draft that was sitting a while ago, I went overseas to Vietnam and Thailand so didn’t get the chance to blog at all.

Me and the boy caught up with some friends over lunch one weekend, we originally planned to go Blue Fish at Belmore for sushi however it was closed at lunch time on the weekends so we decided on ramen at Campsie.

Parking gets a bit frenzy over the weekend as everyone is out buying their weekly groceries. There was a bit of a wait at Mannaruya but it didn’t bother us as we were busy trying to decide on what to get.

I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to get one of their mini ramens which I think is about $5. The size was still pretty generous but as we were sharing a sashimi platter it was more than eno

20121205-084235.jpgMini pork ramen, $5

20121205-084258.jpgChicken based ramen (full size)

20121205-084308.jpgShoyu corn and butter ramen (full size

20121205-084318.jpgDeluxe sashimi platter

The sashimi platter came out last and it was huge! From memory it was only about $60. We were only sharing it between 3 people as Steven doesn’t eat raw and we were so full by the end of it! This was very good and I’d go back just for this!

Service was quick and sufficient. We realised afterwords they also have a branch at Hurstville so we could’ve visited that one as it was closer, so will keep that in mind for next time.

193 Beamish St,
Campsie NSW 2194
Ph: 02 9789 5759

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