Paul’s Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania NSW

On the weekend after “studying” for an hour I needed to get out of the house! We had lunch at home – wontons and egg noodles (delicious! – made my S’s mum), we headed out to Officeworks as I needed to get some binder folders. After struggling to get the 2 ring folders which were right at the top (I had to get onto S’s shoulders to reach) we thought we’d swing by Sylvania for some pineapple crush!

If you guys have never had the pineapple crush at Paul’s Hamburgers, you MUST go and try!!! It is THE BEST! We skipped the burgers as we were still quite full, we’ve had them before and knew I’d regret it if we did share one. They taste standard but greasy so we gave it a miss. We got a 1L bottle of pineapple crush and a small chips to share. I also had a side of “special sauce” which is basically aioli, though nothing wow, I wished it had a bit more garlic to it. We asked for chicken salt with our chips which make it tasty, though I think nothing compares with El Jannah’s chips. I love mine crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Though my crunch to soft ratio, hence I always go for the pointy ones :)

20121126-090218.jpgSmall chips $3.80
“Special” sauce $0.50

20121126-090224.jpg1L Paul’s pineapple crush, $4.80 – MUST TRY

The pineapple crush also comes in cup sizes and a 2L bottle. It is full of pineapple pulp and not overly sweet. THE BEST!

Was a very hot day yesterday but it was perfect sipping on the pineapple crush with chips and readying the newspaper. They have limited seating outside and it does get quite busy but service is quick. Do come try their burgers, they’ve got many variations and have won many awards but don’t forget the pineapple crush! (Can you tell I’m in love with it??)

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers
12 Princes Highway, Sylvania NSW 2444
Ph: (02) 9522 5632
Mon – Tues: Closed
Weds – Fri: 11.30am – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 11.30am – 7pm

Paul's Famous Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

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