The French House, Waterloo NSW

I love visiting new cafes, and love the idea of sitting outdoors on a nice afternoon, sipping on a drink with a sweet and reading the paper. As my “reward” for studying this was what I got! We had no idea where to go so I started to do some research and decided I wanted to try The French House. At first I had no idea where we were, we found parking quite easily and started walking down Dank St having a look at all the different cafes. I kind of forgot about The French House by this time and when we reached the end, corner of Young Street I thought that this corner cafe looked quite cute! We later realised it was The French House saw walked in!

I didn’t take a picture of the interior nor the outside as I was a bit embarrassed holding my phone to take pictures. Basically the front has a nice wooden porch with many chairs and tables. There were quite a few and we easily found a seat. The interior was French inspired with dark shades of wood and chandeliers etc. We decided to share a lemon tart, I got chamomile tea with honey and S chose hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

20121126-085449.jpgChamomile tea and lemon tart

The tea is loose leaf, so like any other tea. I don’t really know how to “review” tea. Hot chocolate was substandard though, I thought it was weak, maybe because I had a Lindt hot chocolate the other day but it was no where near as luscious. Tart was good, though I was craving the ones from Zumbo where they are nice and silky smooth on the inside but these aren’t too bad either! Can’t wait to go have lunch again at Dank St and perhaps drop by The French House afterwards for some tea and sweets.

The French House
1 Danks Street  Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph: 02 8399 2770

The French House on Urbanspoon

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