Taste of Shanghai, Ashfield NSW

The boyfriend’s family was visiting his cousin who lives in Ashfield, since I stay at his on the weekend I got to tag along :) They chose to eat at Taste of Shanghai and wow has it changed! Now renovated with exposing brick wall on the interior, they’ve also got the kitchen at the front with windows for you to see the chefs. I remember it being at the back and all you could see was the ladies folding the dumplings! The boyfriend’s mum did the ordering and I was quite happyw ith the choices :) Didn’t get to take all the pictures cause felt a bit weird stopping them from eating so I could take a picture!

20121123-081455.jpgShanghai crispy spring rolls, $7.80

Shanghai smoked fish in soy sauce, $8.80

20121123-081536.jpgPan fried porn buns, $8.80
Background: King prawns and salted egg yolk, $24.80

20121123-081322.jpgSome sort of bean sprout and mushroom noodle stir fry

20121123-081409.jpgLeft to right: Shanghai Xiao long bao $8.80,
Jellyfish (?) salad
Prawns and broccoli stir fry

Xiao long baos were good, I was relieved they weren’t overcooked which sometimes does happen meaning there’s no soup inside. The salted egg yolk prawns were nice but after a few pieces it does feel a bit heavy, best to share this dish, you’d get sick of it if there’s only 2 people sharing thsi dish. My favourite was the jelly fish salad, its a nostalgic dish for me as I remember eating this when I was younger at my dad’s restaurant. We only visited there only when it was someone’s restaurant i.e a relative. All other dishes were standard, nothing ‘wow’ but was above average. If only Ashfield was slightly closer to me!

We visited the Ashfield branch, but they have other stores all over Sydney so check their website to see your closest restaurant.

Taste of Shanghai
264 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW 2131

Ph: 02 9798 2877

Taste of Shanghai on Urbanspoon


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