Deux Peres, Surry Hills NSW

Me and my colleague always “treat” ourselves on Friday, though that is more like everyday. However we did get some macarons from Deux Peres which is around the corner from where we work. It is fairly new, only opened this year.

Flavours we got were Jasmine tea, cookies and cream, raspberry, passionfruit and salted caramel. Passionfruit was my favourite, unfortunately we didn’t get to try the salted caramel as when we offered one to our other colleague he went for it! Haha, was quite funny as she said earlier she hoped he wouldn’t pick that one! Jasmine tea was rather bland, cookies and cream isn’t usually my type as I didn’t feel like something heavy and diary though it is good for what it is. Raspberry was a bit on the sour side.

Assorted macarons, $2.50 each

We’ve gone back since then, we both tried the coffee flavoured macaron but was very dissapointed. I think they gave us an old batch as it did NOT taste like a macaron, all the chewy innards was dry and crispy. Wasn’t a macaron, kind of killed it for me. Guess it is a bit of a hit and miss, I haven’t tried the pastries or other cakes though. I would go back for the passionfruit flavour alone though. Can’t compare these to zumbo or lindt ones as they are PERFECT for me, but these will do to satisfy temporary cravings as they’re only a 2 minute walk away from me.

Iced coffee was from Cook and Archies; where I get my daily caffeine intake. They do the best coffees, I can’t help but compare it back to theirs everytime I get coffees from elsewhere.

Deux Peres
Ph: 02 9280 1254
437-439 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Cook and Archies
Ph: 9310 3933

Cnr of Rutland and Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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