Fountain 77, Glebe NSW

Last weekend was Glebe Street Fair 2012 as I’ve never been we decided to go. We got there at about 10am, and although most stores were up and running there was barely any crowd, which is what I like about street fairs – the atmosphere! I was hungry so decided to share breakfast while we wait for people to arrive. I wanted to try Clipper’s Cafe but it was quite packed and I didn’t feel like waiting.

We walked passed Fountain 77, and because it had a fountain in a little courtyard with tables, it looked really nice and cozy so we decided to eat there.

We shared a meditteranean breakfast, which gives you a choice of prosciutto, chorizo or bacon. The boy wanted chorizo but I wanted prosciutto! We ended up getting both as I asked for an additional side of prosciutto.

Mediterranean breakfast + side of proscuitto

It came with sourdough toast, poached eggs, grilled haloumi, olives, avocado and your choice of meat.

I loved the breakfast, only wish it was slightly bigger but that’s because we were sharing which I regretted it when the plate came! We also saw others order the big breakfast which my boyfriend wished he had ordered, it looked huge!

I also got a soy latte but it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Think I’m too used to Bonsoy soy milk.

20121122-085105.jpgSoy latte

Service was really good, there was a very friendly lady. Despite us sharing meals she was very accommodating. You could tell straight away she was the owner.

The specials menu sounded enticing for dinner such as home made lasagne, spaghetti meatballs bolognaise etc. I looked up reviews afterwards and sounds as if its not so great, but I thought breakfast was good!

Fountain 77
Ph: 02 9692 9215
77 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW
Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 11pm

Fountain77 Ristorantr on Urbanspoon

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